Adword Policy

  • We want users to trust that information about them are going to be respected and handled with appropriate care.

     intrinsically , our advertising partners shouldn't misuse this information, nor collect it for unclear purposes
    or without appropriate security measures.

  • We don't want users to feel misled by ads that we deliver, so we attempt to be clear and honest, and supply

     the knowledge that users got to make informed decisions. We don’t allow ads or destinations that intend
    to deceive users by excluding relevant information or giving misleading information about products, services, or businesses.

  • Ads should respect user preferences and suits legal regulations, so we don’t allow certain sorts of adult content in ads and destinations. Some sorts of adult-oriented ads and destinations are allowed if they suits the policies below and don’t target minors, but they're going to only show in limited scenarios supported user search queries, user age, and native laws where the ad is being served.


  • We support responsible political advertising and expect all political ads and destinations to suits local campaign and election laws for any areas they aim . This policy includes legally mandated election “silence periods.”


  • You’re always liable for ensuring that you simply suits all applicable laws and regulations, additionally to advertising policies, for all of the locations where your ads are showing.


  • We want to deliver ads that are engaging for users without being annoying or difficult to interact with, so we've developed editorial requirements to assist keep your ads appealing to users. We've also specified technical requirements to assist users and advertisers get the foremost out of the variability of ad formats we provide .


  • In order to assist you provide a top quality user experience and deliver attractive, professional-looking ads, we only allow ads that suits specific requirements for every ad format. Review the wants for all ad formats that you're using.

About Company

We commenced our adventure as just some other startup in 2011, and it has taken us plenty extra than sources and hard work to put ourselves at the map. Meet our founders whose vision, perseverance and values, drive us to hold hustling on our adventure towards disrupting the conventional methods of marketing.

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Address :  893 Bethel-bower Rd
Winder, Georgia(GA), 30680

Phone No:  +1 (866) 373-5373

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